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7 must know iOS tips for travelers

7 must know iOS tips for travelers

From storing away tickets to lodging endless knowledge about their next detination, a traveler’s iPhone can be a solid source of help. In any case, with Apple’s new redesign a few people are not utilizing it to its maximum capacity. Read on for some simple tips and traps to take advantage of your iOS 10 gadget and to guarantee smoother travels.

Use Siri and Intelligent Photo Searching to Quickly Pull Up Your Vacation Photos

Flaunting those photographs of your recent beach escape or European getaway has never been simpler. iOS 10 has intelligent photo search where it utilizes area labels and face acknowledgment to pull up things like “dog” or “beach”. You can even request that Siri find photographs from a particular place, date or time span. Simply say, “Show me photographs from… ”

Get Better Service

Alright, this really works with any version of iOS yet it’s justified regardless of a note. There’s nothing more frustrating than having one dot of network or not getting at all in a place where you know there ought to be network. Be that as it may, a speedy reset of your system settings can offer assistance. A simple approach to do this is by turning your iPhone on flight mode for a few moments, then turning it back off. On the off chance that, that doesn’t work go into Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

Call an Uber Through iPhone Maps

Searching for the best way to get to the next stop on your itinerary? Look it up in iPhone maps and you can order your Uber right then and there.

A Quick Change Will Save Battery Life

There’s nothing more awful than seeing that ‘Low Battery’ sign appear when there’s not a single charger to be found. For the travelers who get a considerable measure of warnings (think: email, Instagram, Snapchat… ) a fast change of iPhone position can spare some genuine battery life. With the iOS 10 Facedown Detection highlight, setting your telephone confront down will prevent it from illuminating when a notification comes through.

Turn Your Phone Into A Magnifying Glass

In the new iOS you can actually change your camera into a magnifying glass. Simply go to the accessibility options, Settings>General>Accessibility, and empower the Magnifier. From that point on, you simply need to triple-tap the Home secure to draw it.

View Recently Closed Tabs

Looking into for your next getaway and can’t exactly recall where you read about that incredible eatery or must-see spot? Utilize the iOS 10 as of recently shut tabs highlight to pull up your recent activity. Utilizing the plus icon at the base of the Tabs screen, press and hold the plus button to catch to see a rundown of as of late shut pages.


hajj and umrah

MANSEHRA:  As reported by Express Tribune, Pakistan intends to monitor all of its Hajj travelers by fitting them with lockets or armlets that can screen their movements and guarantee that they don’t disappear in-case of stampede or any other disaster.

The idea was drawn up in the wake of a series of tragedies during Hajj-2015, which left individuals looking for their loved ones.

“Every pilgrim will be tracked and monitored,” Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Yusuf told media on Monday. After prolonged evaluation, the administration chose to issue the gadgets in order to protect Pakistani pilgrims from getting lost amid  major accidents.

The trackers will be connected to a centrally controlled observation system working 24/7 in both the holy cities of the Kingdom.

About regular reservations in regard to residential issues for pilgrims, Sardar Yusuf said that it had been concluded that every single Pakistani pilgrim would have their residences inside 500 meters of the sacred spots in Makkah and Medina.

For more news regarding Hajj, and booking Hajj applications online visit: or contact at

frequent flyer Airplane CAIRO: Cypriot police and Egyptian civil aviation authority have confirmed that an Egypt Air plane flying from Cairo to Alexandria was hijacked on Tuesday and diverted to Larnaca airport in Cyprus.

A statement released by the Egyptian aviation authority said that the MS181 is an Airbus and that it had 55 passengers on board and five crew members. A crisis team has been deployed to the airport.

Airport security sources said the passengers on board the flight included eight Britons and 10 Americans. Egypt Air said it had negotiated the release of all passengers on board the plane except for five foreigners and the crew. Cyprus state media said between 30-40 passengers were released from the plane.

Egyptian civil aviation and police sources say the plane was hijacked by one person, and that there are about 60 people on board. However a Cypriot official, on condition of anonymity under regulations, said there “seems like there’s more than one hijacker”. He added that there have been no demands other than that police vehicles move away from the aircraft.

An Egyptian civil aviation ministry statement said: “The pilot said that a passenger told him he had an explosives vest and forced the plane to land in Larnaca.”

The Cyprus Foreign Ministry Secretary General told French TV that the hijacker has yet to make any demands.

A hijacker contacted the control tower at 8:30 am and the plane was given permission to land at 8:50 am, the police said.

frequent flyer AirplaneFifty-five passengers and seven cabin crew were on board the Boeing 737-800 traveling from from Dubai when the plane crashed and burst into flames early on Saturday morning. There were no survivors.

“A Boeing 737 slammed as it was coming into area. There were 61 individuals on board. They are all dead,” said a representative from the local services, cited by the authority TASS news office.

The accident happened at 0050 GMT, according to an official statement from the emergencies ministry.

Emirates-based Fly Dubai affirmed that flight FZ981 had crashed on landing. It said the plane had taken off from Dubai international air terminal at 18:20GMT and was headed for Rostov-on-Don. It was due to arrive at 22:40GMT.

Airline’s officials are in the process of verifying passengers on-board. Initial information reveals that 33 women, 18 men, four children and seven crew members were on board.

Fly Dubai

Low Cost Carrier from the Middle East

The airline authorities have confirmed the nationalities, as 44 Russian, 8 Ukrainian, two Indian, on one person from Uzbekistan.

Fly Dubai’s official Facebook page reports, “While we are still awaiting final confirmation, we have to report with great sadness that we there are no survivors,”

Talking about the incident, Fly Dubai CEO, Ghaith Al Ghaith, said: “Our essential concern is for the families of the travelers and crew who were on board.

“Everybody at Fly Dubai is in shock and our hearts go out to the families and companions of those who passed away. We don’t yet know every single detail of the accident however we are working closely with the authorities to establish the cause.”

Emirates Holidays and Aroma Travel have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), under which Aroma Pakistan will be the Preferred Agent for Emirates Holidays (EKH) in Pakistan. Aroma Group will be responsible for the distribution of Emirate’s holiday products with in Pakistan.

The MOU aims to provide competitively-priced, quality holiday experience. To support the EKH products, Aroma will leverage its experience and connections to further promote Emirates Holidays across Pakistan. With a focus on collaboration and innovation to drive the development of outbound tourism in the country, the partnership is the initial phase of a strategy aimed at exploring supply and distribution opportunities between the two companies. The partnership will enable Emirates Holidays to capitalize on the growing leisure market potential, and bring the Emirates Holidays brand to a wider audience.

Aroma Defence Karachi

“Our partnership with Emirates Holidays will combine the knowledge and expertise of both the companies to deliver quality holidays to Pakistani customers. This partnership will further drive the outbound industry in the country and we envisage setting new standards of quality products and services for the Pakistani traveler,” said Faisal Naeem, Head of Projects at Aroma Group.

“This is an important development not only for Emirates Holidays but also for discerning Pakistani travellers who desire quality holiday experiences around the world. Pakistan remains a key source market for Emirates Holidays – and these new appointments are a testament to our continued commitment to present a wide range of holiday options,” said Robin Parry –VP Emirates Holidays. “We envisage setting new standards of quality products and services, and offer the most memorable travel experiences across our vast network through Emirates.

Partnership with Aroma Travels

The milestone is achieved at a time when Aroma Group is strategically diversifying its operations to ensure it has variety of services to offer to its ever growing list of clients and individual customers. The selection of Aroma Travel was based on the criteria of Aroma’s enormous sales volume for Emirates Airline over the years and its strong history of growth in the tourism sector.

The purpose of the partnership is to boost worldwide tour and holiday packages that EKH offer with the best deals in town. Aroma Travels, will use the best of its abilities and resources to make this partnership prosper and grow to set new benchmarks in the travelling industry.

Pakistanis have a visa free access to only 29 nations, as indicated by a record that measures freedom of movement for various nationalities.

A report distributed by Henley and Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2016 positioned the Pakistani passport as the second most exceedingly terrible on the planet for worldwide travel. Pakistan positions 103 of an aggregate 104 nations and just positions better than Afghanistan.

Most Useless Passports in the World

Most Useless Passports in the World

Germany went ahead top in the international passport power list. Its natives can visit 177 nations without a visa. Sweden was in second place with 176 destinations and Finland, France, Italy, Spain and the UK imparted third place to 175. The US came in fourth with access to 174 nations without additional travel papers.

Meanwhile, India positioned 85 on the list, as its residents can visit 52 nations without a visa. Nationals of Afghanistan hold the slightest capable travel papers permitting them to get into only 25 nations without extra consent.

Henley and Partners said Pakistan and Afghanistan’s travel records were “the most exceedingly bad identifications on a nation’s score on the list, and the visas its natives are required to acquire for travel “reflect firmly on each country’s relation with others,” the report said.

Limitations, or absence of them, consider diplomatic connections between the nations, equal visa courses of action, security dangers, and the dangers of infringement to visa and migration rules, it included.

Further, Henley and Partners said that it treated e-visas and visas on landing the same as though no visa were required, inasmuch as acquiring the reports was clear — a straightforward expense and confirmation of lodging reservation and return ticket for occasion.

On the off chance that there were more conditions, for example, getting consular endorsement or a welcome letter for the application, then the record treated it like a prerequisite for a standard visa.

It is really frustrating that Pakistan is lumped together with Afghanistan in terms of security situation which causes it citizens to have limited visa free access to other nations in the world.


Aroma Group has partnered with ITP – International Travel Partnership, a global travel management company that has its foot holds in more than sixty countries. ITP, a Switzerland based company that has its headquarter situated in United Kingdom, has a vast network and have strong local partners all around the world. The company has wide range of products that it offers such as Air travel, accommodation, corporate business solutions, ground services, group travel, leisure etc. More over through its local partners, it caters to large audience and gives them the best travel support which is locally managed but globally supported by ITP travel partner companies.

Press Release:

International Travel Partnership (ITP) in Pakistan – increased coverage in S. Asia

International Travel Partnership, one of the world’s fastest-growing travel management consortium, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Aroma Travel as ITP’s travel partner in Pakistan. Aroma Travel is amongst the Top Five TMCs in Pakistan with broad national coverage and a strong focus on business travel.

Ian Epps, Director of Partnership Relations at ITP, said “Pakistan’s economy is growing steadily and many multinational companies have a presence there. Aroma Travel is a welcome addition to ITP’s coverage in the region and we look forward to working with them”.

Faisal Naeem, Director Projects at Aroma Travel, said,

It is indeed a very exciting prospect to join hands with ITP. It provides Aroma Travel Service with a global affiliation and a very strong support network.  Being part of a global travel network makes it easier for Aroma Group to service its customers anywhere in the world. We look forward to having a long term and meaningful relationship with ITP and its partners.

 Overview of ITP – International Travel Partnership

ITP is one of the world’s fastest growing networked alliances of independent travel management companies with a strong portfolio of multinational corporate clients. It is a consortium in which most travel management companies are locally owned and managed and each is a market leader. Each ITP partner is able to combine the care and attentive service required on a local basis with a full travel management service for multinational clients.

About Aroma Travel

Operating since 1980, Aroma Group of Companies (AGC) is one of the largest travel business groups in Pakistan with stronghold in travel business along with other diversified businesses.  AGC is an unconventional travel services provider with provides innovative and cost effective travel management solutions to the market!

Aroma’s experience and proven business strategy combines excellence in client services, advanced technologies and global buying power to guarantee client-driven solutions. 2F50B6F8-F63D-4C6E-B09E-5E1B745F6E4FThe travel group is based on professional and experienced staff, with a nationwide representation.

It is known for its personalized services and has the potential to address to audience at one time, a practice not much found in travel and tourism industry of Pakistan.

The partnership between Aroma Group & ITP will achieve new mile stones and become valuable partners to each other, guaranteeing growth as well as unfolding new avenues of travel and tourism industry.

Melbourne tops it again as being the most “livable” city in the world according to 2015 Global Livability Ranking issued by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Almost 30 factors are put into consideration for the ranking such as healthcare, safety, education, infrastructure and environment in 140 cities around the world. The research shows that since 2010 the average livability has fallen by 1% around the world whereas stability and safety was observed to have dropped by 2.2%.Best Cities

The wars taking place in the middle-eastern countries and Ukraine has had a spill over affect on France and Tunisia where the terrorist activities were seen to be creating unrest in the respective countries. On the other hand, fragile economy of Athens rather than the civil unrest lead to the decrease spending on the public service sector of the country whereas Kiev was noted to have fallen drastically and is now in the 10 least livable cities. As reported by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the countries that are ranked on the top 10 most livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit are inclined to be “mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density”. The notion well explains as to why the mega cities like New York and London are rated low in rank compared to Melbourne.

A yearly review of the world’s biggest airlines has unveiled the worst safety records.

Reported on Independent UK, reviews from airlines’ governing bodies and associations, and in addition government reviews and casualty records for every airline. It likewise took a survey of airlines’ operational histories, occurrence records and operational magnificence.

The site gave security evaluations to 407 carriers, honoring them up to seven stars. Of those, 148 were given the top rating, while around 50 had only three stars or less.

A sum of 10 airlines, all from Nepal, Indonesia or Surinam, met all requirements for only one or zero stars for 2016:

1) Batik Air

2) Bluewing Airlines

3) Citilink

4) Kal-Star Aviation

5) Lion Air

6) Sriwijaya Air

7) TransNusa

8) Trigana Air Service

9) Wings Air

10) Xpress Air

AirlinesThe declaration takes after an alarming year for aviation industry that included two prominent disasters, both of which reignited talks about encompassing issues of security and worries over pilot’s mental wellbeing.

On 3 January it was uncovered that for the second year running, the primary driver of aviation deaths in 2015 was “unlawful obstruction” – in other words, murder – as indicated by a report by driving air security firm To70. The consultancy refered to the still-unsolved vanishing of MH370 and MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine in 2015, and in addition the Germanwings and Metrojet crashes in the Alps and Sinai separately.

224 individuals were killed when the Russian Metrojet Airbus A321-231 broke  not long after its takeoff from Sharm el-Sheik International Airport in Egypt.

In March 2015, a Germanwings Airbus A320-211 collided with the French Alps, klling every one of the 150 individuals on board. It was later uncovered that pilot Andreas Lubitz, who had self-destructive tendancies, had brought on the accident purposely. proofreader Geoffrey Thomas clarified that Germanwings has held its seven star security rating for 2016 on the grounds that the occurrence was brought on by pilot suicide.

“In our rating framework, which is supported by avionics’ overseeing body the International Civil Aviation Organization, if deaths happened through demonstrations of terrorism, high jacking or pilot suicide, they are excluded in the accident record,” he said

Some avionics wellbeing experts have scrutinized the premise for the AirlineRatings review, in light of the fact that it doesn’t seem to organize what numerous travelers view as the most critical security thought: an aircraft’s reputation of flying a great many missions with no death toll.

By such a measure, the US bearer Southwest is path in front of every single other aircraft. It has worked more than 22 million flights and conveyed 1.5 billion travelers since its establishment in 1971, without a solitary lethal mischance.

The two driving European spending plan aircrafts, easyJet and Ryanair, likewise have casualty free records, and a year ago securely flew around 180m travelers between them. The three transporters from the British Isles incorporated into the AirlineRatings “main ten most secure minimal effort aircrafts” – Aer Lingus, Flybe and Thomas Cook Airlines – conveyed just around 22m between them.

Malaysia Airlines, struck by two episodes that left all travelers on board dead or missing in 2014, was given five stars out of a conceivable seven in the appraisals: the same as Ryanair and Thomson Airways.

In the event that a carrier has an accident that includes the demise of a traveler and/or team individuals it will naturally lose a star from its security rating rankings.

Iraqi Airways was a month ago banned from working in EU airspace, because of “unaddressed security concerns”, and has been given two-star wellbeing rating via

Thailand’s aeronautics industry was set under “exceptional measures” in 2015 after issues were hailed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Bearers including Thai Airways, which was recompensed four out of seven stars for wellbeing, were saved being put on the EU boycott.

Authorities said they would “nearly screen future improvements” and would consider bans if air traveler security was esteemed to be at danger.

UAE - United Arab EmiratesThe UAE has renounced the condition of a one-month gap for renewing visit visas. Individuals on such visas will no more need to leave the UAE to get an expansion of their stay here. They can now do it by paying AED 570 and stay for a month more, the powers have said.

Brigadier Dr Rashid Sultan, a representative for the UAE Ministry of Interior, said the service was re-actualizing the decision No 337 of the year 2004 to empower each one of the individuals who have visit visas to get an expansion.

“All organizations and guests ought to submit applications and exchanges before the expiry date of the visa period to keep away from infringement. The movement administrations will be given at all UAE port of sections and migration workplaces,” he included.

The authority said the new manage is pertinent for all section grants. These licenses would incorporate travel visas, short-term (one month) and long haul visit (90 days) visas, understudy visas, visas for restorative treatment and living arrangement visas.

In the past visa necessities, visit visa holders expected to leave the nation after the expiry of the visa term and needed to stay out of the nation for no less than a month prior having the capacity to re-enter on another visit visa.

He said that altering of visa status will be done electronically and without difficulties as a component of the new technique. Individuals don’t have to the leave the UAE, yet they can revise their visa status and pay the required charges with a specific end goal to encourage the exchanges for guests and occupants and to spare cash and time.

Obaid canister Suroor, Deputy Director of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs in Dubai, said that all the choice issued by the Minstry of Interior will be actualized by all migration divisions.

A cross segment of inhabitants communicated their bliss with the reexamined standard.

Hoyam Kamal said that this choice would spare time of numerous individuals as they had come back to their nation of origin for visa change. “It is great that this choice will allow individuals to change their visa status or broaden it from here itself.”

UlA Suliman said that she went ahead a visit visa and she found a vocation. “I was wanting to return home for changing the visa. Presently, I don’t have to purchase a ticket. This will offer me some assistance with saving cash. I will simply pay this charge and change the visit visa into a living arrangement visa.”

Savio said that the UAE is sharp that each one maintains laws and in the meantime overhauls and reconsiders the laws to guarantee solace of the general population here and encourage strategies for guests and occupants. She said that a few individuals they used to go to neighboring nations incorporating Kish Island in Iran and some used to be stranded there if there was a postponement in the visa. The individuals who landed a position or need to develop their visa, now just need to pay the charges for changing the visas.